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Meet the Teachers

These are our members of staff.


Headteacher Mrs L. Reid  
Senior Leadership Team Mrs S. McCraith Deputy Headteacher and UKS2 Leader
  Miss M. English

Assistant Headteacher, EYFS and KS1 Leader

  Mrs H. Doone


  Miss A. Newman LKS2 Leader  
Office Staff Mrs Z. Cornwell  
  Mrs L. Winder  
  Mrs V. Wheatley  
Teaching Staff Mrs S. McCraith Year 6
  Mrs F. Caton Year 6 & 4 (Sycamore)
  Mr P. Molyneux Year 5
  Mrs L. Channing Year 4 (Ash)
  Mrs J. Robinson Year 4 (Ash)
  Miss L. Curran Year 4 (Sycamore)
  Mrs S. Jackson Year 3    
  Mr G. Mottram Year 3
  Miss A. Newman Year 2
  Miss A. Stonham Year 1
  Miss M. English Reception
  Miss L. Shivers Reception & Year 4 (Ash)
HLTA Mrs G. Pickering  
  Mrs S. Southgate  
Teaching Assistants

Ms D. Bannerman


Mrs S. Ducat

Mrs C. Forsyth


Learning Mentor

  Mrs S. Harrington  
  Mrs C. Kersey  
  Mrs H. Louis  
  Mrs L. Morland  
  Mrs N. Roberts Learning Mentor
  Mrs L. Samuel  

Mrs R. Stimpson

Cleaner In Charge Mrs C. Rodliffe  
Catering Manager Mrs S. Reid  
Catering and Midday Assistants Ms C. Dellow  
  Mrs C. Gillett  
  Mrs J. King  
  Mrs C. Rodliffe  
Relief Caretaker Mr M. Lambe