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What happens if my child is away from school or is late?

Regular attendance is crucial and we expect all children to arrive punctually so that we can have a prompt and calm start to the day. The register is taken from 8.35am. However, if you do get held up for some reason, please let us know by telephone or email, and please come along anyway as soon as you can - it is better to arrive late than to give up on a session altogether. If you are e-mailing, please use the office e-mail address:

If you are too late for the register, please take your child to the school office to let us know they are here.

If you need to take your child out of school during the day, please let us know either in person or by letter. Please report to the office if you arrive late to school. We are required by law to distinguish between children’s authorised and unauthorised absences, and every year we have to publish statistics of all absences.

You are therefore asked to make sure that you contact the school every time your child is absent, letting us know the reason: if s/he does not arrive at school, we need to be sure that s/he is safe. A full list of school holiday dates can be found on this website.