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At Elsenham C. of E. Primary School, we strive to embed a culture of artistic enjoyment. Through this ethos, children are encouraged to find fulfilment in their own artistic endeavours while also cultivating a positive approach to evaluating and celebrating the creativity of others.

Art at Elsenham 

Vivid Visions: Children's Artistry Beyond the Classroom

A group of budding young artists took on an exciting challenge: painting a shed! Determined to brighten our school environment, we opted for vibrant hues and an attention-grabbing, bold design. Surprisingly, the experience was both enjoyable and far less messy than anticipated!


Artistic Adventure: Painting with John Dyer

During the Autumn term, we had the privilege of painting alongside renowned artist John Dyer, founder of Last Chance To Paint. We watched as John demonstrated his techniques for painting orcas on his iPad, inspiring us to replicate his methods.

Additionally, we were fortunate to ask experts from the Born Free Foundation questions about orcas, wildlife, and the environment while we painted.

We were delighted with our results and proud to have applied the techniques we learned from the artist.


Masterpieces Unveiled: Celebrating Art Week in Style

To culminate a remarkable Art Week, we transformed our school hall into an art gallery, showcasing our extraordinary creations.

Every class immersed themselves in the world of renowned artists, studying their techniques and styles as part of the primary school art curriculum. From Van Gogh's swirling brushstrokes to Picasso's abstract forms, each class meticulously researched, practiced, and executed their own inspired pieces.

With professional framing, our artworks adorned the walls of the gallery, open to the public for an evening of admiration and support. The response exceeded our expectations, as our community generously purchased the pieces, raising substantial funds for additional art resources.

The children beamed with pride, knowing their artistic pursuits not only adorned the walls but also contributed to the enrichment of our school's creative endeavours.