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Forest School

What is Forest School?


Forest School is an incredible opportunity for children to experience nature and the outdoor environment through exploration, with supported risk-taking. 

Our ‘forest’ is the fenced area on the left of our school field, and contains a variety of trees, a wild area and open space. We have a tree stump seated circle, a fire pit, hammocks, rope swings, den building and a variety of tools. The area is already home to rabbits, moles, squirrels, foxes and many birds; the children are encouraged to investigate and explore but also to show respect for all living things.


Children learn best from first-hand experiences. Exploring, playing and learning using a range of activities (both designed by the leader and instigated by the children themselves) is what Forest School is all about. 


Children will build a sense of independence, increased self-esteem and learn how to work in a team, but of course health and safety considerations are always of paramount importance.


The benefits of learning outdoors in the forest are exponential, and we are looking forward to every child in our school benefiting from time spent in nature.