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Maple - Year 6

Welcome to Maple - Year 6!


Welcome to Year 6 - we started with a bang! Throwing ourselves into our exciting Kingswood residential trip, we enjoyed a range of activities including high ropes, raft building, den building, fire lighting and much more. We all challenged ourselves to meet our own individual goals and left with new skills, feeling inspired and with a smile on our face.


Spring Term

Year 6 were very privileged to have Laura, of Dania Construction, visit our school on Friday 1st March to discuss her role within the industry. Laura discussed the difficulties she has faced as a woman and how a determined and motivated approach has enabled her to achieve great things. We were blown away by the pupils’ mature and well-balanced responses and they felt enthused and empowered by her presentation.

  • Mrs McCraith & Miss Glyn-Fox


In science, Year 6 are looking at microbes. As a class, we put together an experiment, looking at different variables to design a fair and reliable experiment. Our independent variable (soap, antibacterial wipes, sanitiser handprint (unwashed), handprint (with soap) was placed onto different pieces of bread and sealed. We have been observing these to see how quickly mould grows. It's fascinating!

Spring Term Rap Workshop

Year 6 enjoyed the opportunity to engage in a rap workshop. They had to consider rhyme and beat as well as the energy needed to deliver their words convincingly.

In a very short amount of time, groups had written, edited and performed to the rest of the class with some examples below:


‘What animal would you be?

I could be a bumblebee,

Or a bird sitting in a tree,

Maybe a whale that’s swimming in the sea,

Or how about an eagle flying free.


Another example with chorus and verse:


‘I want to go to space,

Go and leave no trace,

No amount of wind in my face,

Gonna get there at a fast pace

Try not to catch a case,

Reality tryin' to chase.


Cold and far, I’m like Neptune

You know this one, a banging tune,

Shot a look at Mars,

Now I’m tryin’ those bars.

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