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Elm - Year 4

Welcome to Elm - Year 4!

Autumn Term


This half term, in science, Year 4 investigated the digestive system. We have previously learnt about the order of the organs and their functions but this week we wanted to see it in action. We used a bowl to represent the mouth. We placed in different foods such as Weetabix, biscuits, banana and orange juice. We used a fork to press down and cut the food just like our teeth do. Then we poured this into a plastic bag (the stomach) where the breaking down of food continued. The mushy food was fed through a leg of tights (the small intestine) where we watched all the nutrients leave the pipe to join the bloodstream. Then it was onto the large intestine where more moisture was squeezed out using a paper towel. A hole was then cut and the hard, solid food was squeezed out. Just like our bodies when we get rid of waste from the anus.

This certainly was an exciting, memorable and, to quote the children, ‘gross’ lesson!

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