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Pine - Year 5

Welcome to Pine - Year 5!


Autumn Term

In Art, Pine Class have enjoyed getting inspiration from nature for a leaf print. We incised our designs into a polystyrene sheet to make a printing block. Next, we will experiment with making marks to create texture, then overlaying the print with a second colour.


In R.E., we have been interested to learn about different beliefs. We learned that Humanists always look for evidence and trust in science and technology.


Year 5 participated in Project Edward (Every Day Without A Road Death) with a focus on speeding traffic. They were joined by road safety experts and two Police Officers to do a vehicle count of traffic passing the school as well as checking their speed. They were enthusiastic to use the hand-held radar device to check the speed of vehicles. The children then had the opportunity to question speeding drivers and hopefully change their mindset to become more speed aware.


Year 5 celebrated the end of their Ancient Greece history unit with a fabulous Greek day! The children enjoyed a range of activities: from making laurel head wreaths to creating clay pots and even a special visitor, who was a Greek specialist, to teach them about the  alphabet. Their afternoon consisted of preparation for a feast where the children made Greek salad, tzatziki and hummus. Of course, they were able to sample their culinary creations at a banquet with some Greek dancing for afters! A huge thank you to all parents and carers for their support in helping their children to dress like the ancient Grecians!



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