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Pine - Year 5

Welcome to Pine - Year 5!


Autumn Term

In Art, Pine Class have enjoyed getting inspiration from nature for a leaf print. We incised our designs into a polystyrene sheet to make a printing block. Next, we will experiment with making marks to create texture, then overlaying the print with a second colour.


In R.E., we have been interested to learn about different beliefs. We learned that Humanists always look for evidence and trust in science and technology.


Year 5 participated in Project Edward (Every Day Without A Road Death) with a focus on speeding traffic. They were joined by road safety experts and two Police Officers to do a vehicle count of traffic passing the school as well as checking their speed. They were enthusiastic to use the hand-held radar device to check the speed of vehicles. The children then had the opportunity to question speeding drivers and hopefully change their mindset to become more speed aware.


Year 5 celebrated the end of their Ancient Greece history unit with a fabulous Greek day! The children enjoyed a range of activities: from making laurel head wreaths to creating clay pots and even a special visitor, who was a Greek specialist, to teach them about the  alphabet. Their afternoon consisted of preparation for a feast where the children made Greek salad, tzatziki and hummus. Of course, they were able to sample their culinary creations at a banquet with some Greek dancing for afters! A huge thank you to all parents and carers for their support in helping their children to dress like the ancient Grecians!



Spring Term

Pine class have really enjoyed their new DT topic of electrical systems. They have been able to understand the purpose of a motor in a circuit and have managed to create their own Doodlers. Using these, they have been able to investigate, analyse and problem-solve to improve and develop their Doodler systems. 

We have also been understanding different persuasive techniques in our writing. This has enabled the class to produce some in-depth arguments using exaggerated and emotive language as well as repetition and rhetorical questions to debate key issues.

In science, pupils were able to find out about the different phases of the moon and understand their position in relationship to the Earth and sun. They enjoyed using Oreo biscuits to create the different phases.

Year 5 carried out some fieldwork for their geography unit. They investigated whether the new housing developments had an impact on the traffic through Elsenham and linked their fieldwork with mathematical skills of making tallies and fractions of amounts. The children concluded that there was only a little impact on a Monday afternoon and that a different time of day would give different results.


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