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Rowan - Year 3

Welcome to Rowan - Year 3!


Autumn Term

Already, we have been keen and ambitious learners in Rowan Class! Jumping straight into our exciting Year 3 topics and lessons, we have picked up so many new skills and have shown a positive, resilient mindset each day. Take a sneak peek at what we've been up to!


Physical Education - Cricket and Swimming

Excitedly, we have begun our Autumn Term swimming lessons and have loved getting in the pool each week! Already, our confidence in the water has grown and we are becoming more proficient at paddling, floating, fetching items underwater and swimming set distances with increasing speed.

We have also been loving our cricket sessions outside. Learning how to improve our batting, bowling, catching and fielding skills, we have also been honing our teamworking skills. 


Art - Drawing in different ways

In art, we have been studying the botanical works of Maud Purdy and Georgia O'Keeffe. We have been learning how to sketch and shade with attention to detail, using still life as a stimulus. We really enjoy a 'gallery walk' at the end of art lessons, to appreciate everybody's unique hard work. 

Getting out into nature, we experimented with creating texture rubbings from the environment and, later, used these as part of our 'frottage' pieces. Take a look at how some of our experimentation has turned out:


English - Aesop's Fables and Traditional Tales

We LOVE drama and storytelling in Rowan Class! Bravely - and sometimes humorously! - we have got into character and acted out the fables we have been learning about using a range of drama techniques and 'Talk for Writing'. Have you heard the fable, The Fox and the Stork? It's one of our new favourites!

Spring Term



Team Rowan had a fantastic time on their Stone Age day at Thorndon Country Park - even though it was very wet! They experienced den-building, fire-making and made art using natural resources, berries and charcoal. We are confident they could fend for themselves in the wild now!


Year 3 went on a village litterpick as part of their Archbishop of York 'Young Leader' Award. They were all armed with bags, litterpickers and warm coats and managed to find lots, including an old bicycle tyre, several golf balls and an old jumper. They managed to fill 6 whole bin bags of rubbish! 


In science, Team Rowan have been learning about rocks and fossils. Excitingly, we had the chance to touch a real dinosaur egg fossil kindly loaned to the school by a collector! Astrid chose to give her 'Talk Time' presentation on types of rock, where we discovered she even has a rock tumbler at home in her garden shed! 


As part of Rowan's art unit on sculptures, we have been looking at abstract sculpture, and the use of negative and positive space. Inspired by playground structures, we created abstract structures of our own, using recycling from the classroom.


Rowan teamed up with the other Year 3 class, Sycamore, during Enterprise Week to create personalised keychain and pencil case taggies to sell on our stall. Working hard to undertake market research first, then design and make the products, Year 3 did very well, earning over £100!


In Design and Technology, Rowan have made castles based on their own, unique designs. Inspired by those they discovered through their research, ranging from medieval British castles to Cinderella's, the class were rightly very proud of their final, miniature models.

Lily recently did her 'Talk Time' presentation all about the Micro:Bit kit she created a working traffic light model from. She showed us how the light changed colour depending on the switch and her programming. The class can't wait to programme their own Micro:Bit 'charms' in their next D&T project.


Rowan and the rest of KS2 recently took part in a live maths Zoom session, where they had the chance to meet a real mathematician and ask him questions! He gave us a code-breaker challenge which tested our teamworking skills but we managed to crack the code and reveal the secret message - it was so much fun!

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