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Willow - Year 5

Welcome to Willow - Year 5!



Autumn Term

Year 5 have been dissecting flowers to identify all the parts. They worked enthusiastically but sensibly and showed great cooperation with their partners. Overall, they have impressed us with their quick grasping of new scientific vocabulary.



Year 5 participated in Project Edward (Every Day Without A Road Death) with a focus on speeding traffic. They were joined by road safety experts and two Police Officers to do a vehicle count of traffic passing the school as well as checking their speed. They were enthusiastic to use the hand-held radar device to check the speed of vehicles. The children then had the opportunity to question speeding drivers and hopefully change their mindset to become more speed aware.


Year 5 celebrated the end of their Ancient Greece history unit with a fabulous Greek day! The children enjoyed a range of activities: from making laurel head wreaths to creating clay pots and even a special visitor, who was a Greek specialist, to teach them about the  alphabet. Their afternoon consisted of preparation for a feast where the children made Greek salad, tzatziki and hummus. Of course, they were able to sample their culinary creations at a banquet with some Greek dancing for afters! A huge thank you to all parents and carers for their support in helping their children to dress like the ancient Grecians!


Spring Term

Willow class are absolutely loving our Earth and Space unit in science! Their curiosity and eagerness to learn has been incredible. Each lesson brings a practical approach to learning and recently we have been ordering planets based on our research of their composition, size and surface temperature. We even made our own solar system models!


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