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Sycamore - Year 3

Welcome to Sycamore - Year 3!

Autumn Term


We have started off the year by getting stuck into a variety of different lessons! From foraging for stone age food in a role play history lesson, to practising our place value skills in maths, we have certainly been kept busy with our learning over the past few weeks!

In R.E., we are looking at making links between what we know, stories we tell and characters from Christianity that are similar to those in other religions. We started off looking at a familiar story to us; Noah and the Ark! What an honour Noah had to be given such a task by God! We thought about what we would do in his situation and the qualities he had as a man to enable him to do what he did. We then drew Noah and thought of words to describe him.


We were deeply saddened to hear about the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and we spent some time reflecting on what a remarkable monarch she was. We wrote poems and produced a symbolic bouquet of cala lilies as a class in celebration of her life and long reign. We hope you got to see these displayed in the school hall.


As part of our Design and Technology unit this term, we have been investigating seasonal foods and trying foods from different countries. We were given a tasting platter of fruit, some we knew and some we didn’t, and we had to identify what it was and what we thought of it. We then set about planning our own fruit kebab which we are very excited about making in the next few weeks! Can you name these foods?

Spring Term


Sycamore class have thoroughly enjoyed their week with the snails! We have learnt so much, particularly about snail anatomy! We have spent time researching their needs so that we can pass on our knowledge to the next class and we have spent time getting to know their little personalities!

Although they don’t have names yet, we can tell which one is which. One in particular is always aiming for the top of the tank, another prefers to burrow and cover itself in soil and the other one is always on the lookout for food! Cucumber is a favourite!

We have had to take extra special care and attention when holding them, ensuring that our hands were clean and that we scooped them up, making sure we didn’t hold them by their shell!

We have grown VERY attached to their curious, little faces and their sociable ways when they feed from our hands, we cannot wait to get them back towards Easter!

We spent time finding out how their bodies are different to ours! Lucy, Sienna, Hugo and Isla have drawn some detailed diagrams to show what we found out about their incredible body! Take a look at their work and ask any of Sycamore if you have any questions about them!

We produced some ‘How to care for Giant African Land Snail’ leaflets to help younger classes when their turn came to have the snails.

Just call us the ‘Sycamore Snail Experts’!


Spring has sprung!

This week, as part of our English unit on poetry, we spent some time exploring the outdoors in the wonderful spring sunshine. We were looking for signs that spring was on its way and we found plenty!

We felt incredibly inspired by all of the wonderful nature we saw and so we took loads of photos on our ipads to use back in the classroom!

We can’t wait to share our finished, nature-inspired poetry with you very soon!






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