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Sycamore - Year 3

Welcome to Sycamore - Year 3!

Welcome to Sycamore Class!


We started off our year in the best way; SNAILS! We had our school snails for the first week of the year and we enjoyed showing them some love and fuss. We are still learning all about them but we noticed how heavy they were compared to the last time we held them!

We looked at the new growth rings and admired how detailed their shells were before providing them with some nutritious fruit and vegetables!


In our science lessons, we have been looking at nutrition and our bodies. We have learnt about what we need to stay healthy and grow strong and we were surprised to know how much we needed!

As part of this, we are studying our bones and the similarities between our skeleton and those of animals.

We dissected some owl pellets and used our science lesson to identify which animals they came from. We came to the conclusion that the owls we had pellets from ate moles, shrews and voles.


We have been inspired by nature and have taken time to find different textures and patterns. We took some wax rubbings from inside and outside, used different coloured crayons and then came back to class to practise our tearing skills. We created flowers by tearing up petal shapes and using contrasting patterns to create a design. We then used scissors to cut a stem and create a neater, cleaner line.

The technique we used was called ‘frottage.’

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