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Our House System

To encourage cooperation between children across different year groups and to help promote high standards of achievement, our children are placed in different coloured houses, each of which is named after prominent families which have lived in Elsenham in the past. These are :-


Gilbey House

- Named after Sir Walter Gilbey who moved into Elsenham Hall in 1877. He financed the building of part of the school. He also built the Pump House, founded the jam factory and built housing for local residents.

Swan House

- Named after Elena Swan who was at one time Elsenham’s oldest living resident. She lived in a farmhouse off Station Road and was 104 years old when she died in 1937.

Wells House

- Named after John Wells who was a fanwright. He built cottages for the residents of Elsenham in 1656 which were given to the village as a gift. Residents who lived there were charged a minimum rent.

Rush House

- Named after Clarissa Rush who was part of the Rush family who owned Elsenham Hall before the Gilbeys. The family financed the building of the school in 1863.


Children work to gain points for their houses with a winning house being named at the end of each week. Good behaviour and achievement, both academic and sporting, are recognised through gaining points for their house, with the collection of marbles. The points are accumulated to determine the winning house at the end of each academic year. Achievement is also celebrated in assemblies.