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The intent of the computing curriculum is to provide a broad, balanced, and engaging education that equips pupils with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a digitally driven world. We aim to foster a deep understanding of computer science, digital literacy, and information technology while promoting computational thinking, creativity, and responsible and safe use of technology. Our computing curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity, promote problem solving abilities, and prepare pupils for future careers in the ever-evolving field of technology. 

Leaders in Learning

In December, our computing Leaders in Learning, Henry (Y4) and Grace (Y6), planned a coding activity for Year 1 pupils. Using our computing curriculum overview, we noted that Year 1 had not yet carried out their coding unit and so they would be new to this area of learning. They both were very diligent in searching for a suitable activity on Purple Mash ('Jumping Monkey') and spent their own time using the programme to ensure they were familiar with it. With support from Mrs Jackson as subject lead, they explained the task to the Year 1s clearly and supported them to login to Purple Mash. Throughout the session, the Leaders in Learning supported the Year 1s by modelling, answering questions and asking the children questions about what they were doing. The children were amazed at how quickly they could use blocks to create an algorithm to allow a monkey to move across the screen! They learnt that we have to be very clear with our instructions and go back to our code to check for errors in order to debug.