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Worship Crew

A bit about us:

Worship Crew are a dedicated and enthusiastic team of Year 6 pupils who help to support the delivery of acts of worship in school.


This group of children meet weekly and take responsibility of planning and delivering a weekly assembly to Key Stage 2. They help to create a welcoming and calm collective worship environment, delivering important messages to the school and promoting the Christian Values that underpin what we do as a school.


Worship Crew are involved in whole school services and successfully plan and deliver Harvest services, in collaboration with the local Reverend. They also deliver our Christmas service and continue to promote our Christian Values through their carefully planned assemblies throughout the school year.


Depending on the size of the volunteers to be in this 'Crew', we have previously created two groups within the Worship Crew team who share responsibilities. 


Assembly time!

The Worship Crew have been busy leading collective worship to the whole school year.

On Wednesday 25th May we had a special visitor from the Diocese. The Worship Crew chose to tell the story of Zacchaeus and encouraged all children to reflect on how they can be generous in their daily lives. Great discussions were had and the children decided that they could give their time, friendship and kindness, rather than physical gifts. The assembly ended with a beautiful prayer from a Year 6 student and an uplifting rendition of 'He's got the whole world in his hands', with actions modelled by the Worship Crew and staff.