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Welcome to Cherry - Reception Class!



Welcome to Autumn Term

The new little Cherries have been busy getting to know each other, learning new routines and finding their way around the school. Lots of fun has been had and a mountain of stickers have been earned!


A huge well done to every member of Cherry Class for such a brave and brilliant start to your school journey. We are very proud of you all and look forward to a wonderful year together!

Spring Term


This half term, Team Reception have been very busy learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. We have had great fun learning about the world around us with hands on, culturally enriching experiences!

We began our topic with Police Week and a crime had been committed!

Team Reception and the case of the missing sweets! We followed clues, interrogated suspects and measured footprints. Through diligent detective work, and a lot of fun, Mr Markham was revealed as the culprit and apologised from his crime! Well done, Detectives ... onto our next case.

Later, a real life Police Officer came to visit Acorns and Cherries. He showed us all of his kit and the children were very pleased to get to try it on. The Police Officer shared what his job really is and answered lots of very questions enthusiastically asked by the eager children. Thank you so such for coming to visit us.

Week 2 was NHS week in Reception. Acorns and Cherries were very lucky to have a visit from our one and only Wonder Woman – Paramedic Glover, or Mrs Glover to us! She told us about her job, answered their questions, checked them and treated us for ‘injuries’ and inspired some budding NHS heroes of the future. Thank you for visiting us Mrs Glover!

Team Reception then thought about their oral health during dentist week. We were fortunate enough to be visited by Dr Rosie – a dentist.

She told us what dentists do, what it’s like to visit a dentist and how we keep our teeth healthy. She had some very interesting equipment which she shared with us and she showed us how to brush our teeth properly. There were lots of intrigued and interested children and Dr Rosie answered all of their questions so well. 

During week 4, we took a trip to a real life fire station. The firefighters at Stansted Fire Station were very kind and funny. We got to climb in the fire engine and even squirt the hose. We had such a great time and were a credit to the school. Thank you to all the parent helpers, and the fantastic fire station staff, for making it possible.

In week 5, we looked to people in our own families who help us. Fred’s Nan and Alex’s Grandpa came to visit us. They shared very special life events, games that they used to play, favourite toys, photographs and memories of not only their lives, but their grandparents’ lives too. The children and teachers were listening in awe! Thank you both so much for your enriching and interesting visits.

We ended our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic with a furry visitor!

Were incredibly excited to be joined by Kate, a veterinary nurse, Rosemary, a vet, and Freya a dog! It was so lovely to hear how to keep animals healthy and lovely Freya even modelled having a bandage applied to her paw. We had many fantastic and interesting questions for the visitors and topped the visit off by getting to give Freya a little tickle too. 

It was a great way to end our half term.

Thank you for everyone for visiting us and making our topic so special this half term!