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Summer Reading 2021

Once Upon a Time


The children in Reception have been learning about traditional tales and story book characters. In summer term they became knights and had a 'mock battle' in the outside area! The children were very excited to use all the swords, bows and shields they had made for homework as their weapons. The children selected their weapon of choice, and faced their partner, while standing in hoops to keep them safely distanced. When the command was given, the children took on the role of Knights and used and made poses with their weapons, while their friends cheered them on! Well done everyone, you really took on your roles with enthusiasm and skill!


Getting active


Cherry class had so much fun using the parachute outside in the sunshine this week. The children had to listen to instructions, wait their turn, and move the parachute as a team to make it work properly. Their favourite part was trying to bounce the Gruffalo characters off the parachute and watch them fly!

Jack and the Beanstalk- Growing beans!


Cherry Class had a message from the friendly giant who is needing the children's help! He asked them to grow him a giant beanstalk so that he can climb back up to his castle! So, the children started to plant their beans. They talked about what their beans will need to grow - soil, a pot, water and sunshine. The children planted their bean seeds carefully, then took a photo and of it using the iPad. The pots were then put out in the sunshine, and the children have been talking to their beans encouraging them to grow! Remember to keep watering them everyone, and soon we may start to see some shoots appearing...