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Class News

In Acorn Class our topic is under the sea and we have been learning about recycling and how important it is!


We read the book ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ and it taught us all about how dangerous rubbish in the sea can be! We asked our parents to collect recycling and we took it into school. Out of the recycling, we made lots of under the sea creatures! They all worked super hard and the results were fantastic!


In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 5! We have been using 5 frames, counters, numicon and lots of other resources to help us!  We have been working number bonds to 5 out systematically and working out missing numbers too!


Outside we were set the task of showing an empty container, a full one and a half full one! 

We then had to measure the capacity of our containers by counting how many mini cups went into them! We worked well as a team and enjoyed counting each mini cup!


Not only have we been measuring capacity but we have also been measuring weight!

We have been comparing different objects in the classroom and measuring those using nonstandard units of measure such as multilink cubes.


In Reception we have lots of opportunities to write. Here are some fantastic pieces of independent writing. We use our phonics knowledge to sound out words and we write them in pre-cursive which has been improving day by day!


We love working on our physical development! We have been riding bicycles, learning to kick carefully to one another and in gymnastics learning to do roly poly’s!

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