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Huge well done to Acorn class for settling into school fantastically, we are all so proud of you! The children have been busy getting to know one another, learning new routines and finding their way around school. They have had lots of fun exploring both inside and outside the classroom, playing with all sorts of things, getting creative and using their wonderful imaginations with new friends.

EYFS Trip to the Fire Station:

In Spring term we got to visit Stansted Fire Station! We travelled there on a big double decker bus, which was very exciting.

The children were shown around the fire station, and saw the fire engines and all the equipment that is used. If the children wanted to, they could climb up into cab, which was a long way up! They used the torch and thermal imaging camera inside. 

The children saw the hoses, shovels, car rescue equipment, cutting tools, etc. that the firefighters use. They also saw the big ladder that they use to reach the fires too.

The children then went to the locker room where all the firefighters’ kit was kept. Mrs Louis put on the firefighter’s equipment, and the boots were very heavy! She put the whole uniform on including the helmet, and the children thought she looked like a real firefighter!

Everyone sat and had their snack and water before they went outside to use the fire hoses. The year group were so excited to use the fire hose with the firefighters - they sprayed the water up the tower, and even washed some of the cars. 

We finished the trip with a class photo next to the fire engine, and as we pulled away on the bus, the fire engine played it’s siren which was very loud!

We had a fantastic day at the fire station, and we learnt so much about the role of a firefighter. 


Police Visit:

Our Early Years children enjoyed an exciting visit from three local Police Officers on Thursday afternoon.

The children listened a talk about the role of a police officer in the community and keeping everyone safe. They were then given the opportunity to ask questions and try on police hats. Additionally, they had a look at the police van, heard the sirens and saw the lights.

The Police Officers were also there to give a very important message: it is vital for young children to see Police Officers in a positive light- as people who help. They made it clear to them that they want to be seen as approachable and that they should not be afraid of them. 

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