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Ash - Year 4

Welcome to Ash - Year 4!

Autumn Term


This week, in science, Year 4 investigated the digestive system. We have previously learnt about the order of the organs and their functions but this week we wanted to see it in action. We used a bowl to represent the mouth. We placed in different foods such as Weetabix, biscuits, banana and orange juice. We used a fork to press down and cut the food just like our teeth do. Then we poured this into a plastic bag (the stomach) where the breaking down of food continued. The mushy food was fed through a leg of tights (the small intestine) where we watched all the nutrients leave the pipe to join the bloodstream. Then it was onto the large intestine where more moisture was squeezed out using a paper towel. A hole was then cut and the hard, solid food was squeezed out. Just like our bodies when we get rid of waste from the anus.

This certainly was an exciting, memorable and, to quote the children, ‘gross’ lesson!



On Wednesday 15th November, Year 4 went on a school trip to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village in Bury St Edmunds. We stepped back in time and experienced what homes and dwellings were like for people in Britain 1400 years ago. We also became real life archaeologists as we handled actual artefacts and replicas of evidence found at the grounds of West Stow. We asked many questions and tried to make educated guesses about all the interesting items around us. Well done Year 4- you made us very proud. A special thank you to the parents who accompanied us, you were such a great help on the day.


Snails - W/B 18/09/22

The children in Ash were especially pleased to have our school pet African land snails in our classroom for the week. We have loved looking after them, ensuring that they have lots of fresh food and water. The salad bar leftovers from lunch time went down a treat with the snails too! Whilst some of us prefer to watch from a distance, others enjoyed holding a snail and sharing the facts they know.

Cricket (Aut. half term)
Ash class are thoroughly enjoying their Tuesday cricket sessions with Cricket Chris, a specialist coach. Our lessons are filled with throwing, catching, batting and mini competitive games where children are learning the process of scoring for ‘rapid fire’ cricket. Cricket Chris is also keeping us on our toes with our knowledge of the England cricket team!

Elm were thrilled to receive the Times Table Rockstar Trophy!

Spring Term

We love TTRS!

Ash class were thrilled to win the latest KS2 'Battle of the Bands' on Times Table Rockstars! Team Ash worked brilliantly as a class to earn coins by getting times table questions correct. Lots of children spent time before and after school earning extra coins too. We were overjoyed to end the week on a final total of 2287 points; the highest of winning scores to date! 

Summer Term



Year 4 have been busy baking their final product in Design Technology this week. Earlier this term, we taste-tested popular biscuit products such as lotus biscoff, pink wafers, bourbons and fruit shortcake. The children then watched a demonstration of how to make biscuits using a simple recipe of flour, sugar, butter and vanilla essence. Following this, they created their own adapted recipe choosing to add two or three ingredients into the dough.



In today’s lesson we created Viking settlements out of card. The models were packed with accurate historical details, including the grand hall and little figures of merchants, traders and townspeople. This miniature village helped us to imagine what the everyday lives of the Vikings was like.

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