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Cedar - Year 2

Welcome to Cedar - Year 2!

Autumn Term


In maths we have been looking at bridging 10 when adding two numbers. They were able to show, using cubes, how to complete a number using a tens frame. Notice how we have filled in the ten frame before starting a new one.


We have been doing multi-sports during our indoor lessons. Over the past few weeks we have been looking at our throwing and accuracy. In the picture you will see us playing a version of ‘air hockey’ where we are practising our aim by sliding a beanbag to try to score into each other's goals.


In order to commemorate the passing of the queen Cedar class created a stamp using the significant symbol of the ‘crown’.

Big Bird Watch 

We ended January with the ‘Big Bird Watch’. We spent some time outside observing what sort of birds fly over and habitat around our school. We saw plenty of magpies and were even lucky enough to see some red kites.  


Our focus of our indoor P.E sessions this term has been Gymnastics. We started off the term with a gymnastics coaching session with Mrs Dunlop from JFAN. They travelled across each piece of apparatus in different ways including rolling, jumping, spinning, hopping and even cartwheeling! In all of their movements, the children demonstrated good core strength and posture. 


This term we have been looking at influential women in history. The two we have focussed on are Rosa Parks and Emily Davison. We started the topic looking at timelines so here is our human timeline of Emily Davison’s life. We learnt about the civil rights and the suffragette movement and the legacy that they have instilled on us today. 

Number Day 

We celebrated number day by dressing up in a number related outfit. We had plenty of football kits and t-shirts with numbers all over them. We had a day of maths- solving problems, completing challenges and having fun! 

Reading Week 

We were so lucky to be involved in so many fantastic activities during reading week. It was so lovely to have our grandparents in to read with us and introduce us to stories that they read to our mummies and daddy’s when we were that age. We also invited year 5 into our classroom and we became our reading buddies for the afternoon. We ended the week on World Book Day, where we all dressed up as our favourite book character. We had plenty of Matilda’s, Where’s Wally’s and even Camicazi from ‘How to Train a Dragon’ the we had a fantastic week!

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