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Elsenham C. of E. Primary's School Council provides a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account about what matters to them at school.

Each member is elected by their class to represent them. They then listen to their class' ideas and views about how they can improve their school experience.


The New School Council Have Been Elected!


The new School Council team is in place. Each member has a special badge, so that you can see them easily around school. Please visit the School Council board in the main reception area to see your team and find out what is coming up around school.

Our next task will be to decorate class suggestion boxes, ready for the children's suggestions. Each class will have its own unique suggestions box made by their school councillors. The children look forward to talking to you in class and finding out how we can make a difference.

What is a School Council?

A School Council is a group of pupils elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and raise issues with the head teacher and governors in the school.

The School Council can also get involved with projects on behalf of the pupils, be involved in the planning and help to make things happen at school.

The School Council will…

  • Represent all pupils and include as many people as possible
  • Take time to listen to all pupils and communicate their views
  • Feedback to pupils about what happened about their views
  • Lead whole school assemblies
  • Make things happen – or explain why they can’t!

Our dedicated team will meet regularly, every other week when possible, to discuss current issues alongside Mrs Roberts.

Some of the activities the council team will be involved with this year will include:

  • Carrying out a survey of children’s opinions;
  • Working with the Sports Council to promote the school’s healthy eating campaign:
  • Working alongside teachers to promote high expectations of behaviour in corridors and the playground;
  • Creating suggestion boxes for each classroom;
  • Discussing ideas for how to improve the school environment.